A world of no color.

What if this world had no color?
Not green for the trees, blue for the sky,
or yellow for the sun.
No black, brown or yellow families to exist,
just white, white as snow, so blinding you
cannot see.
What would you notice in this white world
with no color?
Nothing and more nothing because you cannot see,
no trace, no lines, no separation,
from the beginning to the end.
Just white, white as can be in this world of no
color you wish it to be.
You see, just open your eyes this world has
many colors that you cannot see.
A pallet of color's so deep and rich as can be,
yet the canvas you paint, stays as
white as your beliefs.
For blind are your eyes, no colors can you see,
no green trees, blue sky, nor bright yellow sun.
Why have a world of no color?
If black, brown, yellow cant paint our skin,
a world on no color, blinded by your own skin.
We are black, brown and yellow you need to see,
for in this world of color we will always be.

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