A world within Unknown

Im swallowed up deep within my thoughts

in my mind voices of mine they are not

a shallow glance into my reality once more

i see visions of life and whats in store

Ive dreamth dreams for i see in my dreams

of you,

the world

everything in it

and me as it seems

To know you before we have ever met

i felt you

I saw you

I knew you

but face to face not yet

i saw my life from birth

to now

and there after

through my heartaches


tears and laughter

The voices of whom i hear in my head

Is it of the holy high or among the dead

would i know the difference if what i see or feel

and if insane

or not

doesnt matter. To me it's real

So let my reality

of thought

and dreams

be of mine and mine alone.

To try and phsyco analize me

you will enter a world unknown!

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This Poems Story

I wrote this about 9 years ago.. This poem is just about expressing who and what I'm about and what I've seen before hand ..