A Writer's View

A Poet's View
My pen is almost out of ink and everything
I have wanted to say has not yet come out.
Why bother, when the meanings will go
Unheard and the words will go misunderstood?
Just a careless gesture of how I write and why
I write to find something to talk about; but in
The end, they are all just words put into a
Poetical form for the reader to digest.
My pen is turning a slightly different
Shade than before last-so whatever I want to
Say, I better say fast, lest the ink run out
And my sentence will remain unfinished.
So be thankful that I have gotten this
Far at all, for my pen is almost out and
My words have almost stopped their
Alphabet flow, just to leave you with.
An unsettled justice of what I wanted to
Say:after all, they are just words
Nothing more

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