A Young Black Significant Man

I'm young and black all for a reason
No one can change my life even if I'm bleeding
Red is the color of the wine I spill
My color is the power of which God gave me and free will
My heart may thump as I go through life
My head has a brain to change a wrong to a right
My eyes may vision the pain I may go through and even more
My smell is what I sense when I open the door
I'm young, wild and sometimes free
My parents aren't here but grandma is great at teaching me
Life is not a toy; it's taken as your friend
Something you hold until it's shorten, you at the end
Sufficient space we have in our little bitty mind
Spending memories like money and pacing like time
Music in a group but big as a band
I know what I am
A young black significant man

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