A Zodiac’s Intentions

Encouraged by the art of my art,
I was determined to start a revolution, to reduce pollution
Of general concepts and confusion.
Touched by creation of inspiration due to a gaze
Upon the abyss and this taught me a lesson,
Not well-learned but subjected to study.
Life-symbolic, pain-addictive, love-alcoholic, blood-redemption.
It is the conviction of defying permission to be enslaved.
I am not tempted to make a mistake but pushed to follow the crowd,
But my art out stands and stands out for I am not unique,
And that makes all the difference.
And it was not a dream deferred
But a constellation of ambitions. I made a decision,
Set on an idealistic mission to fill the position
Of a head in charge lieutenant.
Pugilistic and committed to perform the actions necessary
To free the soul. Many claim that freedom is a mistake,
But to refuse to take the risk of purifying the mind,
Of a mentally wounded hero...
To ignore it would be a mindless crime.

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This Poems Story

My character is respect, loyalty, and love; these beliefs were branded into my mind by my own hand. As a lesbian in a conservative state, acceptance is scarce but my family supports me. My mother has always told me to make my dreams a reality and my brother encourages me to "shine on 'em" and I embrace my art and poetry. "A Zodiac's Intentions" was first inspired by the word "poetry" and what that means to me. Leo, my zodiac, is my symbol and this is a description of my poetry's meaning while forming an understanding of who I actually am.