Long ago now, century turned
Double decade & plus one
New ages, new people sworned
Yet, are rife the struggled groans.

Reflects bright not less than Divine
The girl 1st out, of the Womb.
The next one appears, or afore she shine
Skids the Knife, laid her in Tomb.

Sprang out if against the Sharp edge,
Woah femme, it's you got the breath,
Not enough, only the breath
Sighing if with Fear of death.

Step out & walk, if you Dare
Growlings are heard of Hunting brats,
Every inch' of Flesh would Bared,
Hooked upon the Hungry struts.

Though the World seems modished,
Complete thing is just Mocked & Polished.

Ask why SHE is Abaft the Door?
Does she Fright, Nervy or Coy?
Terrified is she of Lusty Roars,
Of not being a Human, but only a choice of Toy.

Will that girl ever out to Stride,
Rack up the dreams to head in Pride.

The Door not a border to peep,
Kickoff & bang it with your Leap.


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