Abandon to sea

Little boat abandoned at sea. Once a bright boat who sailed farther than eyes can see. But now your Capitan left, abandoning you to be swallowed by her madness. Your Captain now the endless blackness.
No longer to feel the morning breeze.
Or the salty sprays, and glowing rays.
Forever lost in her endless maze.
Oh little boat, do you ever miss skipping on white seas?
With your sail flowing in the breeze?
Or the hoards which filled your docks?
Oh little boat, oh little boat, abandon to the sea.
She dances and sings in glee.
Now you lay on her floor.
Covered in algae and coral.
The sail busted and worn.
Your screws and bolts now rusty.
Now to face the sea’s eternal quarrel.
Oh little boat left to her clutches,
Now fish discuss your imprisonment.
They laugh at your scratches, and tease at your condition.
Oh little boat, lost to the deep.
You lay on her floor, a sunken dessert.
A figure of its former self, another skeleton of ye forgotten.

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