I'm lost in the darkness of my emotions.
I was tripped by Love and lost my way.
Confusion was my guide, who steered me to a place called Loneliness.

Before long Frustration and Aggravation kept me company.
Distracted by Misery we stumbled into Anger.
She was a fiery pit of rage.
Patience and Understanding were now casualties as a result.
The only survivors were Insecurity, Annoyance, and Discomfort.

I see the light,
But only a glimpse
Before it fades away as the shadow of Sadness overcomes me.
I'm stuck.
I'm lost.
And I can't find my way out.

Helplessness leads me to Disparity
Who now guides me back to Rationality.
I open my eyes and the darkness disappears,
For now I am reaquainted with Truth.

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