Massive excitement erupts every time the "Iron Monster" is heard echoing through the silence.

Individual expectations of each equally deserving beggar are almost never met.

As the Iron Monster produces yet another stranger's face the veterans of hopeful spirits that have been broken and re broken slowly begin retreating to a dark corner.

The youthful occupants on this block all seem to have that uncontrollable gene of excitement so being louder than your neighbor and showing off for these increasingly random and horrible decision making visitors is never a surprise.

After another day of getting their hopes up and being endlessly rejected the emptiness starts to take over and they reluctantly start to settle down.

The elders in this group of misfits try to console their devastated young cellmates as the evening's events once again become a replication of the one before. The curled up balls their fragile bodies produce to stay warm gives little comfort once their memories turn into dreams and take over the night.

Some of these forgotten babies with fur will die quickly after being deserted while others will continue to suffer in endless confusion. Once their sorrowful dwelling becomes over crowded and new tenants arrive only then will they be freed from a hell they never deserved.

The crossing of the rainbow bridge is usually a welcomed occasion that represents the end of a fallen brothers life of suffering.

The celebration when this soul is finally released will abruptly be cut short when misery takes over and the capture of a new soul replaces the one that was just set free.

The new resident and keeper of this replacement soul is rewarded for his ten years of loyal service and companionship by being carelessly tossed out like unwanted trash in a wild and heartless surrender.

He is now forced to live out what remains of his life in a cage confused and devastated. He will not only suffer daily but he will die alone expecting that the family he trusted, loved and protected would soon return to claim him.

An extreme sense of loyalty is what will ultimately protect his innocent heart from experiencing the horrific pain of realizing he was truly left behind and


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I am not only an extreme lover of animals but my heart breaks for the ones who have been a part of a family for years and then are carelessly left abandoned and alone. I can only imagine what the poor babies really experience this is just a bit of my opinion.