A mother tries to escape
While her baby is awake
To be in a dude's arms
Thinking he'll keep her safe from harm
The baby is only six months old
And already carrying a full load
She's left suffering alone
The house is far from a home
She is forced to lie in her bodily wastes
While her mother lies with a man, face to face
And all baby can do is cry
As time continues to fly by
Finally, sleep arrives in the early morning
While her mother is still busy getting horny
And as the child grows older
Walking and talking all on her own
At five years old, she's already grown
She begins to hang out on the streets
And there, all types of people she meets
Sure enough, when the girl enters middle school
She's without her virginity and considered a fool
Three abortions before seventeen
And never a should for her to learn
At age nineteen, she gives birth to a baby girl
And once again, a child's abandoned in this world

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