Abandonment to Zen

A world birthed from fire,
Born in the vast milkyway.
Coming down the stars so bright,
Displacing the darkness all over.
Eerie yet beautiful, this universe we inhabit.
Far between are these beacons of light.
Gaping caverns of black amidst.
Hell looks like it might break
Instead held back by utter silence.
Jokes and joy arise from nothing.
Kangaroos and hearts leap across the world.
Love and passion radiating in a planet
Made of not malice nor care, but simply systems.
No blueprints to follow, we made our own.
Oval offices governing resolute lands.
Power built from cooperation.
Queer a place of fauna and flora
Run by families of bond and instinct alike.
Sun glaring down on vast deserts,
Tongues stretch out to taste the snow.
Uvulas surrounded by savoury delicacies.
Vulnerable we started yet now
We are without fear to topple.
You are a survivor.
Xrays could never show your true grit, for we are
Zeal born of zero.

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