Love’s Betrayal
I want to tell you a sad BUT very short story,
In a time where life has lost all its glory
And although I have paid my dues to society for humanity,
And I’ve taken care of the children that I carried inside of me; I gave birth to three and raised them Single-handedly.
I am living in a state of penitentiary where everything is raging out hard against me.
Yes, life is a vagabond it has the insistence and life is persistent,
I’ve taken the beatings that I have met and for whatever the reason, it has taken everything good out of me.
For whatever it is teaching, the lesson has no meaning, but life show it’s unfeeling and that it feels, nor bears not a single regret.
And if living is the price to pay, well, therefore I have a few things I would like to say, as I continue my work in the mud and clay.
I ask of THEE has life been betrayed and kicked down by love,
And be forsaken for all others who bow down for the lust and love of false gods?
Monsters duplicating the days carefully, successfully each one at a time,
Only to live the ruin for battle, just to achieve, another day that displays the carvings of crime
Left crushed with the fear of defeat, in the face of adversary and humiliation love is blown away; in spite of the odds no place on earth can be found a longing for retreat lingering and very profound.
Is the act of temptation ever portrayed that leaves values lost and put out astray, out of reach and put out of display, left on the rocks to spoil and decay?
Sacrificed are the good days that have been unclaimed because of a path, a part that life did take aim
For greed and loathe which plays without shame are one of the same in the deceptions and falsehood that creates scenes where disloyalty is handmade.
There comes a time a certain time with life, which a stricken day arrives that brings along with it great strife. The hope of honour loyalty and trust are captured and bondage thrown out with one big thrust and all that you’ve nurtured with all that you trust, now speaks a different language and all words and knowledge now turn to and become dust.
Silence is GOD but evil screams with content,
Not because it thinks that the devil is dead
But evil lives in souls that have already been spent.
Yes life offers you things to break you down, stuff that allow you no breathing ground; it backs you in a corner until you are faced with the ground,
Learn and know how, why your life wears a frown, and your own is just as bad and not the best that you could have found, but, nevertheless life will always let you down more than once I have seen the clown.
Life is bias with tricks up its sleeve and it moans with growing pains that never cease and hope is lifeless though it seems as you watch your dreams fade away with ease.
Love to another in the misery of life, you watch as life beat its chest, win and wearing the wings of the unrest with pride. JUDAH I’m caught in the middle-their might seem so strong, a venomous love that has grown for so long, so old, so cold and oh so wrong, sold for no more than 20 pieces of gold, sold for a song. Oh how bold.
There now my sad short story has been told and I wear on my sleeve my heart no more.

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This Poems Story

This Poem's Story is about Heartbreak and heartache, misplaced trust and betrayal and the loss of self-conscious awareness. A Story shared with The Creator.