Remember the day I fell to my knees?
Full of sorrow and no remorse to the pain you caused me?
Thinking and screaming
Out of all people it way you!
You stared at me as if you were staring into my soul
but a stare so beautiful so pure so bright like gold
willing to believe every lie you would later tell

What was I thinking?
Only about love and compassion
At the end of the day I was left with
Only tears and a heart that could not be mended
What is love?
Is it expensive gifts and clothes?
Maybe diamonds and shoes or tickets to hear someone sing the blues

Love is unknown
can't find it in the dictionary
The one who hurt me so is the one that my mind refuses to let go
By now you must wonder what this former lover did or who he must be
He broke me and hurt me so now my heart is now cold
He goes by the name of pain ,and is the reason I can no longer love.

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