Ability of Innocence

Childhood is heavenly,
Flawless, simple, and pure innocence was real,
Innocent of knowing answer less moments,
For any question aroused, was answered effortlessly.
Utterly clueless of the capability to feel.

The ability to feel when something is truly lost,
Gone to you forever more, leaving hollow whispers.
Sleepless nights spent dwelling in regret.
Realizing nothing comes without a cost,
Feeling the cold disappointment of expectations not met.

The ability to reach the point
Where you’ve sank so deep, you’re found mile high.
Beaten and battered to numbness.
Still feeling the hurt in every joint,
You’ve fallen so far, you land in the sky.

While we’ve all wished for childhood once more,
However we must come to realize,
Wishes aren’t granted, and hopes are generally shattered.
We lived through childhood to learn what to fight for.
To stand up, head held high, when it really matters.

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