Ablaze the sky in orange and red,
Black smoke billowing from the red flower.
Catastrophe, chaos, forests and animals dead.
Dire consequences from this force of power.
What sorrows reek from wildfires on Earth?
The flames lick the forest grounds, eager to consume.
But with it, comes growth and rebirth.
The chance for life to bloom.
As if the land, a cleansing it needs,
Flames that leap and tear at structures with hunger.
This is what the Earth has to do to succeed.
A chance to turn back time, to become younger.
For humans have taken up all the space,
And like this they’ll continue.
A home for animals, wildfires replaced.
Humans need to change, find it within you.
For if we don’t, species will become extinct
Earth will wither away day by day.
Animals, plants, humans, and life are interlinked.
We all need Earth, a home to stay.
So let’s take a vow,
Change our ways,
And change it now.
For Earth and life, we fight.

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