Something makes a shrill din,
Something of a darker kin,
With blood-lit eyes and basked in sin,
This thing has no place here,
No place here.

With malice it shrieks sound,
With hatred it finds lush ground,
Our village this beast has now found,
And this is no kind beast,
No kind beast.

Claws and brawn break our homes,
As they fall you hear their moans,
Fire then leaps from the creature’s bones,
With this fire no rest comes,
No rest comes.

Into the woods we run,
All we have made is undone,
Now we’re many but once we were one,
Now there are no abodes,
No abodes.

Our anger turned to cries,
Here and there we made our lives,
While making swords and making knives,
We waited for the day,
For the day.

That day finally came,
We marched to take and reclaim,
To conquer or to die aflame,
We sought back the lush land,
The lush land.

With fire the dragon roared,
We charged with soul and the sword,
We put all our faith in the Lord,
We fought our dragon,
Our dragon.

Then the dragon was felled,
Now we can rest and rebuild,
All of our hopes have been fulfilled,
We have saved our abodes,
Our abodes.

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