Aborted Love

He swallowed those words hard like poison-
“What if I’m pregnant?”
All that echoed in his brain was past mistakes with lovers whom which he prematurely departed-
Aborting their love like the corpse of his under developed fetus that would later become his daughter or son-
He wasn’t interested in either, in the end he would run…
He would run like Usain Bolt,
Leaving any chances of her and him being a family in the distance because he couldn’t commit-
Not to her,
She was too young and her intellect didn’t appease his ego-
Though he knew that her youthful fountain sprang forth abundantly only for him,
Deep down he knew his age would soon show and her fancies, he may no longer delight-
So he couldn’t stay, even if she begged he would go,
He found contentment in this fact-
He will go and watch while she lay upon their child’s death bed and then never return,
Tickling her ears with sweet nothings and dreams to never come true,
As her body expelled the last of their fetus he would whisper “I love you”.

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