About a Boy

See there's this boy, he broke my heart
Every day I fell apart
I smiled when he was watching
But let it fade when he was not
For a while I was stuck in a place
With cracking plaster on my face
After a while he realized it was fake
When I broke down over the phone
That's when I decided, I wanted my smile to be real
To get to a place where I didn't have to pretend I didn't feel
So I kicked him out of the door of my life
Locking it behind him
If he ever knocks, though I'm not sure he will,
I'll open up that door, and tell him what I feel
I'll no longer apologize for why I am who I am
If he wants to, he can leave and never come back again
But if he knocks on that door to my heart
And I no longer feel like I'll fall apart
I'll let him in with a smile, not fake, but real
We'll talk about what happened to us as the time passed
We'll talk about how other things came to an end
And I'll realize I've got what I always wanted,
For him and I to be friends

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