About Being Black

Nobody hates themself more than a black person does
nobody thinks more about things that never was
always wondering what they could've did or should've been
If they wasn't blocked by a color barrier dead-end

Nobody indulges in foolishness more than black people do
partying til they're broke, then having to borrow from you
always dreaming that riches are a lottery ticket away
Attending lets-pretend-churches to watch the preachers play

Nobody is more vain than a black man with charm
knowing a whole lot of nothing has made him so weak-armed
always hoping that someone important perhaps soon will notice him
In his colorful custom-made clothes and matching fancy brim

Nobody is more critical than a black woman with skills
only measuring men in terms of their ability to pay bills
always praying that someday Mister Right would come along
And listen to sad tales of how she had been done wrong

Nobody is as dysfunctional as an extended black family
unstable selfish Hebrews who are Gentile wannabes
always forgetting how to truly show each other love
Affection comes in the form of a swift kick, push and shove

Nobody loves themself less than a black child does
constantly getting abused and mistreated just because
always wishing that one day they would shed their black skin
And become like that white swan who once was an ugly duckling

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