About Being Blacker

Nobody loves themself more than a black person does
nobody is as big-hearted to call strangers 'bro or 'cous
always hugging and kissing to convey what can't be said
Expressing the way they feel with a gentle stroking of the head

Nobody engages in thoughtfulness more than black people do
they have to be fully persuaded before they decide to follow you
always questioning the status quo, not conforming just to fit in
You must tell them where you're coming from, and show them where you've been

Nobody is more handsome than a black man with wit
knowing a little bit of everything, a strong-minded man who'll never quit
always laboring under the sun, working in complete anonymity
Flexing his quiet confidence without compromising his integrity

Nobody is more accepting than a black woman with smarts
wise enough to understand all delicate matters of the heart
always willing to sacrifice in order to help the poor in need
Never turning her back on them, not giving up til they succeed

Nobody is as spiritual as an extended black family
a loving and caring bloodline branching throughout the generational tree
always showing mercy by forgiving one another's faults
Confessing to each other, they're godly gems stored in clay vaults

Nobody hates themself less than a black child does
constantly being reassured with encouragements of love
always believing that one day they would grow even darker wings
And become a beautiful blacker swan, attracted to the sight of eternal things

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