About the Rain

This one life.
This one partial singularity of the whole.
Dreaming,... flowing within the illusion.
Like a raindrop in an ever present eternally expanding ocean.
Dipping, diving and weaving from moment to moment,
from space to space,clearly this is nothing old or new.
From pleasure to pain and in between, the folds of time release,...
Increasing, expanding and collapsing in the hands of god.
a grain of sand within a desert, a speck amongst the stars.
Whole, connected .... the seeds of many lives.
Stepping up the ladder to be swallowed by the light of experience.
Touching comfort and insanity, the worn gasping for newness.
Fleeting memories of old and beholden treasures of the holy grail,
the architects of time and the gods of tomorrow.

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