About Time

She missed the whistle of the wind as it blew through her bedroom window
She wanted to see the morning sun shining as she awoke from her pillow
When evening came she longed for the smell of dinner on the table
And sometime she even remembered the creak of the floorboard unstable
She remembered the times she had snuck out of the house
And the night her crush said "hi" as she spilt beer on her blouse
What she would give for the things she always took for granted
Just another day outside eating the oranges from the trees she had planted
For, in just a few short months the things she held so dear
Would soon be gone in a battle between her, cancer and fear
Six weeks before the cancer forced a tearful goodbye,
And so little time until her body would soon die
Sometimes in life we forget the true meaning of time
We're late for a date, we sit on our phone, we forget what to do with the lime
Until reality hits of a life being taken too soon, do
We really sit back to think about the things that we should do
So when she laid there thinking of all the things she will miss
I am ready now but please, let me keep the memories. she wished

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