Above Colleville-sur-Mer

So vast a field can only overwhelm,
Then carry us unbidden to a realm
Seldom seen, and even more scarcely known,
Where time transcends that reverence be shown.

It is a place where sadness cannot cease,
Yet subsides to serenity and peace
While gazing across the stones row on row,
Stunned by the sacrifice made just below.

Buoyed by the immortality of youth,
Staring down fear, confident of the truth,
They came to vanquish only to be slain,
And here in brotherhood still they remain
To brace us all in solemn remembrance,
To sanctify this fearsome field of France.

Ours is a sacred trust that these brave lives
Be honored yet, that steadfastly we strive
To uphold their sacrifice in this age,
So their gift of freedom be now repaid
In kind, and tyranny be still forbade.

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