Above Water

I see you waiting on me.
Waiting on me to drown?
weighting me down,
But a fish can't drown.
Ruler of Neptune let down his crown,
sent to a world so dry and profound,
no sound.
As I wait in a lounge, cigarette smoke floats.
I don't.
As my dreams swim away, I won't.
Stuck in the lounge's lazy boy,
stuck on my eyes in the mirror across me,
lazy boy...
"humph"(shaking my head)
first time I've seen water, eyes shed.
Puff the cigarette, eyes red.
Yes this feeling is deep in my throat.
Roaring waters, flooding the boarders.
Cold as the winters,
and deep as the hoarders.
Slowly I lift my head, looking forward.
Ship reck king, walks on the shore,
See this thing called life,
there is much more.
There comes a time to rise,
above the waters...

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