Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a towering figure among men,
With his black stovepipe hat he stood six foot ten,
His intellect soared higher than that,
He could outwit and win in a fight or a spat,
As a lawyer he won the most difficult cases,
And always found evidence in small unseen traces
He rose to great heights of power,
He could say in a few words what others wrote in pages
At Gettysburg he became one among sages,
No other president had such moral standing
With a stroke of a pen slavery was disbanding,
A nation he saved from being a house divided,
Reconciliation of North and South he had decided
It all ended tragically one night,
When an assassin caused massive fright
A shot was fired to end the great emancipator,
At a showing of An American Cousin in Ford's Theater,
Great men seem to have a tragic ending,
Because they have uncommon courage without bending
Cowards will always strike down achievers,
Because they are fundamental deceivers,
Who want to make a mark in a history book
In the end their lives meaning they forsook,
Because a man's sacred honor they took

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This Poems Story

I am a poet of everyday people. My poems include famous people, history, science, culture, religion, humor and nature. This poem was inspired by visiting many sites associated with Abraham Lincoln and reading many volumes about his life. He stands out among presidents for his integrity, honor and courage. My wife and I are retired and live in Brookfield, Connecticut. I am a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.