Abstract Destruction

Broken bones half-buried in the desert sand
Decaying carcasses rotting in boiling rays
Piercing needles poised on driest trees
Shimmering pictures branded in broken mirrors

Cracking twigs tossed raggedly in tornadoes of dust
Mangled serpents attacked by flying crystals
Deadly poison soaking into fractures of the earth
Scavenging vultures chewing on maggot filled corpses

Destruction engulfs worlds surrounding each peon
Abstract suffering through the personification of things
Forever losing nature’s design of surviving the harshness
Never-ending suffering through lack of everything

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This Poems Story

This poem is my attempt to get into the abstract universe. Not that there is such a thing but a lot of poems are so mundane so I decided to go descriptive to the max and outside the box. I hope that makes sense.