By bre   

Whenever I am around him I feel nothing but pain
He was the only thing on earth keeping me sane
And then he dumped me right down the drain
And and the pain was so much I cut my vein
Took me to the looney bin cause you drove me insane
Now I am sitting in this cell in crying out in vain
Baby, I was screaming your name but you never came
And yet you claimed to treat me humane
But you treated me like a dog on a chain
Cause I tried to kill myself when you never came
Cause you claimed me to be insane you were a shame
And I gained the straight jacket and the claim of the insane
So everything you did to me was disclaimed cause I'm insane
Baby, you drove me insane all the same
Your abuse was like a pit in a dogfighting game
You abused me anyway that's all I have to say
Your manipulation and abuse drove me insane
But when I am with you I feel safe sane and claimed
Your manipulation drove me from bein sane
So now I sit here in this padded room unclaimed and insane

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