SMACK, can you feel that one now?
Go cover up, you look like a cow.
PUNCH, why are you starring at them?
Your worthless, you have no true friends.
SLAMMED, it is your fault you pushed me!
Can't you see you don't give me what i need.
Your UGLY and no one would ever want you,
shut up or I am going to beat you black and blue.
These things are very powerful to hear them say,
never knowing the outcome of each day.
From no one ever knowing what things you hide,
to changing clothes, OOOPPPSSSS! His sister walks inside.
Seeing the bruises and marks on your body finally,
having some relief and still being scared mentally.
PUNCH, THROW, SMACK! Why did you show her that?
I said I am sorry, now leave and do not come back.
Your useless, Wait! I Love You it will not happen again,
two days later and the abuse has already begin.
No one really knowing what she is holding in,
she is scared to let what they have really end.
Until one day, she leaves and let’s go of it all,
struggling to survive and trying not to fall.
She gets stronger every day that passes by,
finally smiling, standing with her head held high.
Overcoming obstacles when thrown her way,
hearing all the people talking bad, then she turns an say.
I have been told that before and I’m here,
I have grown to become more than that, my dear.
BAMM! depression hits hard there you go,
OOPPSS, anxiety here, do not let your feelings show.
These demons people face when going through abuse every day,
trying to love themselves and take chances in every way.
Just remember they are not perfect, their truly scared,
Because their past stays, never having someone who truly cared.
Just be patient, I promise it will all be worth your while,
they are the ones that tend to walk for you a million miles.
Love with all your heart, don’t give up or make an excuse.
Realize that person that you love might have been a victim of ABUSE!!!

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