I'm wearing shiny clothes hoping to kill my dark thoughts.But has it ever ? , They creep their way from my brain to my heart making their way through the luminance of the sequins on my chest

So I wear shiny makeup all over my body to make me feel alive but as I glance in the mirror I can still see the dead girl living a lie called life

I try opening my mouth to eat , the feeling is absurd when all my life it's been shut and has only opened for putting food in stomach which rarely works because my body has decided not to accept it .

I try opening it to let my thoughts escape my mind into the air but there's silence except of the sound of my screeching bones howling with contempt

The day I'm able to step out of these castle bound heights of a place supposed to be a home I know I'd fly away far because that day you know a cage of comforting hands is still a cage .

That day you'd know why caged birds still sing .

-nandini Palve

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