Feeling lonely and unloved
Being hit, yelled at, shoved
Getting headaches, screaming back
Defend your mother and risk attack
Trying hard not to cry
Being beaten, not knowing why
Every day there's something new
He'll smack Mom or choke you
Leave the house to escape the rage
Smoke and drink to disengage
Out for hours on your own
Hope for change when you get home
You know what's worse than getting hit?
When you yearn for love and Mom doesn't give a sh*t
Yeah, Dad speaks . . . with his fists
But Mom doesn't even pretend you exist
You start losing faith and questioning God
When you go to school, just smile and nod
Trying to hide burns, cuts, and bruises
Lying is easy, so is coming up with excuses
Stare at the ceiling wondering why
People choose to live when it's easier to die
You get desperate when you need love
And no help is coming from above
So you look around and the thought starts to dawn
That nobody will miss you if you were gone
Thinking about hanging a noose
Anything's better than dealing with abuse.

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