Accept Yourself

The more I live the more I realize, life is a masquerade
Everyone wears a mask, trying to mask their feelings
People may be cruel and vicious, but we can’t be afraid
We only have one life, and we must live it our own way
The hardest thing to do is to be ourselves. Acceptance
Is all I ever wanted, I want someone to say you’re okay
Yes! I’m imperfect; the list of my flaws goes on and on
We have to take our chances, and make our own mistakes
I refuse to let the past consume me, it’s dead and gone
Life moves forward, and goes on and on, and on it goes

Life never stops or slows down for anyone. Keep up
Always playing catch up, hurry don’t let life get away
Yesterday is deceased, and tomorrow is not guaranteed
Today is the day! And each new day is a second chance
So dance, prance, and find the one for you in France
Be weird. Be reckless. Live the life you wish to lead
Learn, Laugh, and Love. And find your own happiness
Help someone in need, and find a good book to read
We have to find something in our lives to keep us going
And hopefully as we proceed in life, we’ll keep growing

You need to have tough skin, and a heart full of gold
Never hold your tongue, carry your heart on your sleeve
Always stand up for what you believe in, and be bold
In the end, if you believe in you, you shall achieve

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