I will speak when not spoken to
Am not here to fling stones and Oh My God! Dare to break anyone's bone... "I want to know"
Why is it that we blame the white folks?
It is true that they have beaten us to death.
Its true that they called us 'negros'
Its true that in their eyes we are slaves and nothing but slaves.

Mommy watched her daughter grew into a young lady.
Mommy heard the terrifying cries of her daughter as she was raped.
Mommy watched her daughter grew inside her a child.
Mommy couldn't have done anything...
Mommy also watched that child gew up and mommy watched her got raped and the cycle continues.

Why is it that we think of ourselves as 'inferior'?
Well, they said I am not human
Because of my afro, it was because of the pigment of my skin. But how dare them!!
They don't see what I see. I see blood splattered on the walls
They don't hear what I hear, "inhale some of this" and before you know it, I'm stiff.
I will not blame the white folks for any of my downfalls because its not their fault.

But you need to know that
Our BLOOD is in the soil you built that house, Our SWEAT is in that diamond ring, & Our BLOOD IS IN YOU.
I am black, beautiful, proud of my ancestors-proud to be me, and I am what I believe.
I have come to accept these things, so should you!

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