I have been cursed
Since the day of my birth
Damned to always question my worth
It destroyed me
That the ones hurting me where my so called family
When sadly
I would have done anything to make them happy
To make them accept and love me
But I couldn’t see
That they were ashamed of me of my disability
Ashamed to be related to me
They were horrified that I was apart of our family tree
To them all that mattered
Was that I was a gay mans daughter
My entire life I was always treated differently
They made it a point to treat me badly
Still yet I done everything they asked of me
With the hopes of just being accepted
But each time to only be rejected
Growing up I could never understand why they hated me
They were supposed to be my family
Yet they treated me like I was the enemy
All I wanted was for my family to accept me
For them to see that I’m more than my disability
Sadly that was never meant to be

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