Long ago, in the vast wonders of this planet Earth.
The mighty seas, the mountain beasts, and the miracles of childbirth.
Oh, the many sights to see, now disappear and start to flee,
Never look back. Never fear. Never cry.

In the past, I was a blast, and always so excited.
Countless days, endless nights, “forever” was I delighted!
Oh, how I wish it were those days, but they're all gone, and I’m in a daze.
Never regret. Never forget. Never hide.

The time seems to slow and stop, every time I’d wish it not.
Is this the “love” or is this the “hate?”, the answers never come that straight.
Oh, how I wish I understood, what should be, but never could,
Never thought. Never saw. Never seen.


Currently, in the land where scattered chances have been blown.
I’m all alone, cast in stone, nevermore will I condone.
Oh, the Earth is old and gray, kneeling here, but not to pray.
Never dream. Never seek. Never find.

I lay in bed, to rest my head, and reflect upon my dampened life.
The stunning truth, my passing youth, cuts me open like a knife.
Oh, our time is nearly done, much to grief, with little fun.

My love, this cannot be!

They say my lives still being drawn, but I’m just ready to be gone,
Take me away. Far away. I can’t stay.

While the memories may live on, who is here to dwell upon?
When I am done, that is the end,

No more love or joy to send.

No more time to pause and cry.
No more time to think just why.

No more fear and no more stress.
No more feelings to express.

No more debts to be paid.
No more games to be played.

No more time to sit and ponder
No more time to roam and wander.

No more songs to be sung,
No more bells to be rung.

And most of all, no more of us.
No more time to all discuss.
“What went wrong and what went well?”
I guess that only time will tell.

Dear friends, it’s time to say goodbye,
And I ask you please to not be shy.
Let all of our thoughts dissolve and cease.
For this, I believe, is the way of peace.

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