Acceptance is to take what's offered.
Acceptance is taking something free.
But acceptance, as we've all heard,
There's more to what it means.

Looking past the differences,
Looking past the flaws.
Don't make hasty inferences;
Not all clouds are fog.

All of us are equal,
Though we're not the same.
You don't know her struggle,
You don't know the pain.

Glancing out the window,
A smile on her face.
Sadly, you will never know,
She wants to leave this place.

She lost her best friend,
She lost her motivation.
The thoughts, when will they end?
Oh, the devastation.

Reaching for her happiness,
As it walks out the door.
If only this would hurt her less,
She wouldn't be so anxious anymore.

Worried about the death,
Worried about murder,
She cried to them for help,
But surely, no one heard her.

Trapped inside this hell,
One she wished she'd passed.
But no, she tripped and fell.
And now her heart is glass.

Easy to shatter,
Impossible to clean.
To them, why would it matter?
They don't even know what it means.

To be haunted by the misery,
Haunted by the dreams.
Sometimes we find not everything
Turns out how it seems.

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