Acceptance Over Love

I hope you don't read this,
Because you'll find something amiss.
That the girl you love,
Is a word that rhymes with bitch.
I tried to tell myself that it's not true,
I love you, for you.
But it's like lying to myself,
Which is harder than keeping a bowling ball on a tilted shelf.
I tell myself it doesn't matter,
You love who you love.
But that doesn't stop me, from answering that question
When they say it I can't function.
I try to tell myself I'm not embarrassed,
While having them know is the scariest.
But I mean you're the complete opposite of me,
I'm 5'11"and as slim as can be.
This is your last year though,
And deep inside I can't wait to see you go.
That means I'm not in the clear 'till summer,
So now I have to figure out how to keep it undercover.

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