i had a mixed dog named "Ace"
he had a very fast pace
his head bobbed up and down
like a racing greyhound
his lineage we couldn't trace.

bigger dogs, he'd give chase
not being afraid of a fight,
but when a small dog would bark in his face
he’d quickly run home tail between his legs,

leaping over cement walk ways
with such amazing grace
the front lawn being his personal space
the soft green grass, where he felt safe.

we trained him not to cross the street
our house was his home base
and when inside he got so brave
yet when thunder clapped,
under the bed was a safer place.

while looking out our jalousie window
to the front door he would quickly race
warning us with his incessant barking
we never needed mace

we tried to make him our guard dog
confident he was on the case
when we would finally open the door
he would just stare at the visitor’s face.

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Key Words : Rhyme, Pet, Story, Humor

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This Poems Story

This was our dog when i was young and up into my teens.