Achievable Love

I'm just as tired as you of being someone different and new.
Let's be honest you're tired of trying to love someone you don't it's just someone your use to
Love is deep unimaginable
love will drain you
Love will stain you love can contain you
Love will name you powerless love will deny you
Love will try you over and over again
Love will eventually hurt you love will
make you fall for love
Love will have you crawling for love
love will run and hide love
love will ware a disk
I even got high for love, I dime out for love
Gave a life for love, I soared high for love
touch the sky for love,
I want people to hear me out of love
Before they doubt my love, love was lost
Love returns under a different name achievable love.
I love to be love,I love myself and that's self love.

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