Achilles’ Heel Saves

I was written in the history of the world
on an old scripture, my name is known
the people of my troop of the biggest nation
the greatest witnesses of the bravery I own

I talk and nod, I am always ready to fight
I am feared by the enemies of the night light
but I feel your effect when I stand and walk my pace
deep inside me, like a fire, it ignites and blaze

Focused on the world, tender for the love
never would have been ashamed of it,
so with the fire, I screamed the warmth
hits them, hits everybody, heat that hits us

Who am I to conquer the world, the life and the love
all at once with the weakness everybody has feared
to see it in me, the fright doubled and burst
time to choose one, I’m never the God, just the great

Great to pick wisely and wisely I picked
the blessing of weakness that strikes within me
just above this sole, see it bare and vulnerable
for it is the one to end the crazy mess our brains brought to this world

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This Poems Story

Our weakness is what our enemies often use against us. Most of the times, it gets us in trouble, it gets us into failing. But if we will only look at a different perspective, our weakness is sometimes our biggest weapon. We are the only ones who know ourselves. They see what we are vulnerable at, but we know why we are vulnerable. It comes from a place of fear and that's okay. Achilles was still gonna die at some point and it's his heel that would always take him down. Nonetheless, he's the hero of the old story. We're gonna lose at our own battles, even if we don't, these battles are meant to end. The war will be over, our story will be done, our heels will be shot. The feebleness is now exposed, you might not have won this one, but you were a part of a change as you go.