It eats away at you slowly, melting what you thought was hard,

It makes your heart a sticky mess and leaves your soul quite marred,

You think I speak of what you know, but do you know this true,

that in this world, there is little else but pain that we are due,

I figured I had taken all my pain and gotten it out of the way,

but pain came a knocking, and my world was sent rocking yesterday,

I saw that grown man crying, the one I thought with a heart made out of stone,

I can barely stand it now, to be inside my home,

Because the tears that were falling, never were my own,

because I have been severed, from emotion nearly whole,

but the streets these days seem bleaker, more monochrome and gray,

And I know my heart is dying, for my family every day,

I glue myself together, But I have begun to fray,

Now I fear I will soon fall apart, in the worst kind of way.

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about how how much like acid cancer is. It eats away at you and your family, especially hurting those who love the person who has cancer. It's just so slow and painful watching someone you care about rot away physically and mentally.