Across Country

By Caleb   

We busted each others chops
Scratched at each other using death as a stopwatch
We pecked at each others eyes to make sure we couldn't see
Flapping at the sky were beings ready to be
freedoms contestants of power and will
Blood flow awesome before the kill—
Busting each others chops
Leaving flesh beneath our feet
There is no apology to set you in relief—this time
Where are the punches to the gut?
I know I made contact to write
And then there's you, lying, inside of a cockfight
Idiot born you are to new ideas
Such as running the next time there is an idea
Do not believe my quiet vocals are full of words empty
Believe my quiet vocals are full of words simply
That goes for any factor great or small
Always remember what made you all
a breeze in the summer passing through sunshine
and down you went with a blow to your minds
Break it up I couldn't feel
As I remained there breathing
with you lost in a daze
wheezing last breaths and bleeding
This is confession time I say truthfully:
Truthfully with just a sigh
You're as easy as believing that this is goodbye

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about competitive nature. The idea comes from cockfighting mixed with the imaginative notion of who is it that is in the competition. Also the idea is after competition excitement of bragging rights and award receiving. Although humble in it's own way this poem was written to highlight ego, confidence, and competitive loss.