Actus Reus

I asked those emancipated eyes:
what do they have for me?
and their long lashes, sweeping off the limiting space in between us
answered with a simple:
Quid pro quo

My lips tangled with my dry tongue
in a vain effort to answer
just heard the grinding of my teeth
and they noticed a nervous drop running down my left temple,
denouncing my shame.

Quid pro quo
I heard again with the intentions to hurt
the pectore in my chest swelled up because of their indolence.

Knowing that no one has the right to take advantage of their own pain
I dropped to my knees and asked:
what can I give you that you don't already have?

Those eyes impregnated of a painful past, outwitted my love
and softly they again celebrated:
Quid pro quo!

I can't understand the romantic crumbles falling off your eyes
and if you've chosen for me to perish like this
lost in their sadistic riddle
then, I've chosen to cease your way.

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