Adam or Eve

What is not seen cannot pain you
For it is what you see that you will rue.
Young child, conceal your face-don't be brave.
What is heard will not shake you,
So relieve your head from your sweating palms.
The work is pointless;
Your life is hopeless.
What is seen will engulf your very own heart.
Childhood cannot prosper.tick tock
Tock, tock-God's very own clock is flawed.
Don't look! Don't look!
The very sight of it will steal your soul.
Don't look! Don't look!
The smallest glimpse of it will turn you black as coal-
For one day soon, you will open your eyes.
Expectancy chews at your stomach,
As you imagine the world with great vividness.
But when darkness becomes light,
You only see through society's eyes,
And ah, society-what a dark color to live in.
Pray, little one, pray;
But God's clock, because of you, is imperfect.
Adolescence is fading,
Innocence is long gone.
Tick, tick, tick

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