Adam’s Memory

I told you I would never lie,
I told you I'd love no one more than you.
That night I said "goodbye.",
because of our figh'.
I never knew you'd die,
Your memory is all I think about.
I never had a doubt,
when we were one.
But guess what, that means were not done,
I'm not atleast.
Our story is like beauty and the beast,
We fell in love and people tried to take you away.
I'm standing here being brave,
I keep wishing to be next to your grave.
I'll never see that time of day,
I wish you were here.
To take away this fear,
the warmth of your body next to mine,
was an unsettled crime.
I moan and groan for your presence,
I remember the day you opened your present.
You said " the best one out of all these is you."
Now no matter what I do
I just cant forget you.

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