I have grown
To survive in harsh conditions,
To force my way upwards
Despite the many walls in my path.
I grow into them,
Slowly producing cracks,
All the while molded into it's surface,
At once overcoming and becoming my environment.
I stay rooted in place,
Able to reach the sky
Yet unable to relocate
To where it is more visible.
I am rooted in where I came from,
There is no escaping it,
There is only Hell
And upward mobility away from Hell.
The only option is up,
As I will fade away
Wedged in the darkness of these walls.
Sometimes people come by
And water me, fertilize me,
But they are unable to uproot me.
I am firmly locked into place,
My past carefully carved into every crevice,
Inseparable from my lifeform.
I often find it hard to breathe here,
But I keep breaking down the wall,
So that one day, I can reach the sky
And bask in its glory,
For the first time.

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This Poems Story

Inspired by my life experience and a tree growing into a fence that I saw at my bus stop