Wind shrieks his pain through the fireplace she once
played in front of. His repressed fear slams doors, breaks mirrors,
and haunts this house. I press my ear against the walls
and they whisper to me his uncertainties.
His house sighs "Adara."

Anger warps his face because he is not allowed to express it.
His mouth moans his sadness because his words cannot escape.
His hair tangles and blocks his sight with wild emotion but
he must see through it.
His heart beats, "Adara."

He is empty.
I cry to him and my cries return to me unanswered.
His eyes are black and he does not see me.
His soul groans, "Adara."

And I can do nothing.
I cannot stop his feet from repeatedly wandering the paths she took.
I cannot repair his heart quickly enough after each time it breaks.
He loves me and I love him but nothing I do will lighten his face
when she is not there. I cannot get near him because his pain
surrounds him, and it is impenetrable.
My sorrow screams, "Adara."

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