I tried to stop the falls
But you can’t catch ‘em all
My heart, my trust, my sanity
I put it all in you
Never thought you were
Turned primal
I need your love
I was focused on survival
You only wanted your fix
Indirectly suicidal
The path you chose is cold
I turned around and grabbed your hand
But you had another plan
You said, so bold
Just go
This isn’t what I imagined
Our friendship slippin’
Down that dark road you strolled
Out of control
Out of control
Don’t remember where you left your skull
Spiraled till you hit the rocks
Cause all that coke and acid
Can’t give you what you need
Driving like you’re already gone
Violence ensued
I begged you, pretty please will you stay
I can help you heal
But you already made the deal
Now you ended up in rehab
I try to deny
I think you’re gonna die
Too young
I think you’re gonna die, too selfish
To understand why
I’m still going to be at your side
When you’re in a fucking casket
Heart in a waste basket
So goodbye, at least for now
I’m done chasing
Who you used to be
When I let go of you, I’ll finally be free
Another day, I’m always afraid
Today will be the day i dread
When I get a call or a message
Saying that you’re dead
And I couldn’t come to your aid
It feels inevitable
You’re not unbreakable
Can’t do nothing but wait
Watch you unravel your fate
And fall in your damn grave

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This Poems Story

This poem is about my old best friend who pushed me away for a life of addiction, and my fears about where he's headed.