Hi my name is Jay
And I'm addicted to this guy in so many ways
So where should I begin
I'm addicted to his dark skin
That melts in my mouth when its deep in
I'm addicted to his strong hands
That grabs my neck and count them bands
Smack my booty and rub my legs
Work hard and roll that gas
Damn I'm so addicted I don't want to let go
Addicted to him like a fiend on coke
I'm addicted yes I will admit it
Walk a mile to get a dose of the stick
It's like a permanent high
He keeps me running back
Damn I'm addicted its something like crack
Yes I'm addicted
I'm addicted to his crazy jokes
That make me want to cry like a baby, because I'm soft like cotton
But I try to be harder because i want to be his lady
I'm addicted to the style of his clothes
and the way he puts them on
Even though I want to take them off
because the sight of him turns me on
I'm addicted to the way he drives
Fast and rude I just clothes my eyes
and let him take control
That's just what we do
Mouth real slick, but I guess I like it
Because he makes my body drip
Yes I'm Addicted
And the first step is admitting it !

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This Poems Story

Have you ever had a person you was addicted to? You couldn't stay away from? Its something about him/her that keeps you coming back? Well this poem is for you.... Enjoy !