Every time you walk away
I shed another tear
Every time you say goodbye
My heart thuds in despair
How apt that while I lie here huddled in my room
You're taking another hit
Losing yourself in smoky gloom
Every day, I suffer and I see you wanting more
Addiction is your new best friend
Beckoning like a whore
I want to say, you're pathetic
That you disgust me deep inside
Say that you are dead to me
No longer alive
I want to hate you for your choices
But like you, I'm hooked
This is all very real
Nothing like in the books
I let you walk away from me
So you can do it again
I see you when you're all doped up
I failed you as a friend
I'm tempted to say I'm sorry
Because I'm taking your drug away
Later on, you will thank me
Because now you will live to see another day.

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