I am an addict
I crave what's not there, what was there, what will never be there
It's not fair
I am an addict
I was addicted to you; I regret
The love I longed for was never sent
I search and I search, but efforts are futile, they're hopeless
Help I reject and people are suspect
Cause I am an addict
I'm addicted to the space between my arms where you went
The place upon your shoulders where I was to sit
Daddy's little princess, I was never it
In your life picture I didn't fit
But picture this
From an addict was birthed an addict, but this addict has a purpose
Meant for nothing, but greatness
An actress by nature, a poet from the start,
a singer for my creator and a dancer at heart
Addicted to my passion, addicted to my dreams
Addicted to things that are more than they seem. . .

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